Promosi Alexander Bukan Zulkarnain (3)

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Alexander Not Zulkarnaian

Alexander the Great not Iskandar Zulkarnain? One question still not yet fully answered.Some have opinion said they are equivalent figure, only own another name. How true it is? Islam is beautiful and Allah SWT power also cover the whole universe, is difficult for us to explore & explain.

Yet, as a human it become usual to us to study Allah SWT greatness.In al-Quran through Al-Khafi chapter have tell about whom Zulkarnain. Yet do not also we compare the history writing with the hands by what state in Quran. As we know, Zulkarnain are the great Islamic ruler. His character are different if want to be compared with Alexander.

In the Zulkarnain reign, this Islamic ruler not raise his sword on children and woman, but Alexander also eliminate anyone that stonewall him. In fact, scientist study and Muslim scholar as Seyyed Ahmad Khan (Quran famous interpreter), Molana Abolkalam Azad (India Minister Of Culture), Baha’eddin Khomrashahi and Dr Muhammad Ebrahim Bastabi Parizi dispute comply Alexander is Zulkarnain.

This small matter enough to make us to think. This has move our local guys to study and record a documentary in the form whom Iskandar Zulkarnain and Alexander The Great. Alexander Bukan Zulkarnain documentary have been directed by Indra Mitra Surya Husin and facilitated by Azizul Hisham Azizan.As we know,the Malay community believe that Alexander and Zulkarnain are the same person, the history has been written for long centuries, this made our society believe it and just follow.

This documentary commanded under Firdaus Maju Production(FMP).This idea came from former student University Al-Azhar,Egypt namely Afarezz Abdul Razak.He currently further his education at University Islam Antarabangsa(UIA).

Alexander Bukan Zulkarnain documentary will be aired by next year through Astro Qasis channel and History Channel. If you like to see how this documentary recorded process and short story over it, simply surf fmpbloggers.wordpress.comFor Celcom consumer can watch through mobile phone with dialing *8884* or go through Malaysiana Mobile Content dial *8885*.



Hope this documentary will good for to educate us and bring new guide to us.






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